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Simulation by Battalion Chief Frank Montagna, FDNY, and CommandSim

The key to all of the Fire Engineering Scenarios is the instructor. If you give the student realistic prompts in the form of radio transmissions and have conversations with the student simulating conversations with people on the virtual scene, you can make it seem like a real fire. With a little imagination, your student will get into the role playing mode and get real decision making and fireground communication practice


Here are some ways you can use the scenario:


   -Have them give a mock size-up, just as if they were transmitting it to dispatch

   -As the scenario progresses, they can “transmit” a progress report

   -What resources would they request?

   -Let your firefighters explain where they would go, how they would get there and what they would do. Show the various views of the building and ask “What information would you relay to the incident commander from this exposure?"

   -Tell the incident commander that the pump operator reports a dead hydrant and ask “What do you do now?”

   -Transmit a Mayday from a trapped firefighter and ask “What does the IC do?” Who does he contact? How does plan to get you out

It is just after 7a.m. on a hot, humid Saturday. Recent weather has been warm and dry. The wind is coming from the South at 5mph.  911 dispatch has received a call reporting smoke coming from the garage of a neighbor's house. The neighbor believes there is no one home...

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